Spring Tips

spring_soilPaying Attention to the Micro-climates in Your Yard

After a long cold winter, we are all ready to see our yards flourish with lush green lawns, budding trees and our annual flower favorites in our gardens.  In a healthy landscape, plants and soil keep outdoor air temperatures cooler in the summer and trees shade buildings, reducing air-conditioning energy use as well as feeding our local birds and wildlife. A great vegetable garden provides the freshest produce you can feed your family. But did you know that every yard has its own microclimate?

Before making major changes to your garden or lawn, take time to observe the area’s weather patterns. Where does the sun fall? Which way does the water runoff? What areas are exposed to excessive sun, wind or high traffic? What areas could benefit from shade? Take note of what’s not working and what might be missing. This kind of attention to detail can save your money on plant selection, soil amendment and water use for a happy and healthy landscape of any size.

  • Nurture the soil
  • Choose the right plants for the right spots
  • Use water and other resources wisely
  • Use healthy pest control methods

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